3 Reason’s to Book Your Holiday Party NOW!

By: Sherry Posted in News
merry-christmas from Doc's Seafood and Steaks

merry-christmas from Doc’s Seafood and Steaks

Fall is going by fast, then it’s hello holidays! Waiting until December to stress out about your company’s holiday party can cost you. It may seem odd to think about booking a holiday party in this Corpus Christi heat, but NOW is the time. Want to know why?

Why You NEED a Company Holiday Party
As if eggnog and Christmas cookies aren’t good enough reasons, having work parties are beneficial in boosting the entire office’s morale. Giving employees the opportunity to interact in a non-professional setting helps them connect as friends rather than co-workers.

Keeping the mood light with a relaxing water view setting, and steering clear of work-related topics can recharge tired batteries and send the elves back to the workshop the next morning with a jolly attitude.

3 Reasons to Book Your Holiday Party NOW:

(1) The earlier you set the date the better turnout you’ll have. During the busiest time of year, it’s important to have your party details locked in early so guests can plan around it.

(2) Or try booking your Christmas party for January! This way everyone’s family parties and vacation time are over, and you can give them one last hurrah to kiss the holidays goodbye and kick off the New Year.
(3) Venues fill up, FAST. And the best ones go first. The early bird catches the worm, so make sure you reserve with Doc’s or Waterline early or you’ll be stuck having your party out in the cold. (Not ideal.)

The Perfect Venue for Your Company Holiday Party

And speaking of venues, Doc’s Seafood and Steaks is the ultimate place to relax while taking in a sparkling water view complete with holiday lights for your company celebration. Do you like the view from Doc’s? Wait til you see the sea level view from our spacious Waterline Lounge sits right on the water with a floating dock, live music venue, 100 foot long bar, with boat parking acre ranch with plenty of space for parking. You can choose from a variety of holiday party packages ranging from traditional buffets, to casual cocktail holiday mixers.

With over 100 years of event planning experience under our belt, Doc’s Seafood and Steaks specializes in making your event unforgettable. Contact us today and see for yourself what makes Doc’s the most memorable venue for your company holiday celebration.